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1220x5000mm big size Aluminum composite panel ACM

March 03,2023

Aluminum composite panel ACM 1220x5000mm large size

ACM is a popular Aluminum composite panel material. It is made of two aluminum sheets that have already been painted and are glued to a polyethylene (PE) core to make it strong and keep its shape.

It's a popular choice for architectural applications due to its aesthetic qualities, flexibility, and ease of fabrication. Because paint and coating technology has improved, it can also stand up to the elements for a long time and keep its sleek, shiny look. 


ACM panels is a type of panel that has gained popularity due to its energy efficiency, low price, and construction possibilities. It can be used in many different ways because of how versatile it is. It can be used for signs inside and outside, architectural cladding, point-of-purchase displays, exhibits, kiosks, and more.

In terms of appearance and color, ACM is very similar to metal panels. However, ACM is more durable and does not pit or crack as easily as metal. It also has a much wider range of finishes and textures to choose from.

The aesthetics of ACM can be altered using a wide array of techniques, including punching, roller bending, CNC stamping and engraving, and 3D shaping. This makes ACM a very versatile material for risky and creative designs.

For example, punching is used to create a pointy shape on the surface of an ACM panel, and roller bending can be used to make curved shapes or forms. CNC stamping and engraving can be used to add text, logos, or other graphics to an ACM panel.

Special finishes are added to ACM panels that mimic wood grain, concrete, and metallic colors. The color of these finishes changes depending on how much sunlight hits them. They can be put on the whole panel or just a part of it.

Another advantage of ACM is its flatness, which reduces the oil canning that occurs with some types of metal panels. This can be a problem for some architects, as it gives the panel a wavy or rippling appearance.

Both ACM and HPL are highly durable options for Exterior wall cladding. Choosing which one is right for your project depends on your specific application, your budget, and how much durability you require. If you need a high-impact panel that can handle harsh environments and is very resistant to damage, then HPL might be the better choice for you.


The 1220x5000mm big-size Aluminum Composite Panel (acm) is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. It’s lightweight, easy to fabricate, and can be cut and routed to any shape. It’s also durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

ACM is a three-layer sandwich panel with two layers of pre-finished aluminum bonded on either side of a polyethylene (PE) core for good dimensional stability, weight reduction, and strength. It’s available in various sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and colors to suit any project.

Piedmont Plastics' ACM options include DIBOND(r), e-panel, and EPL-5(tm).DIBOND(r) is constructed from two sheets of 0.012" pre-painted aluminum bonded to a solid PE core for flatness and formability.It’s also durable for outdoor applications and won’t bow or corrode.

e-panel, on the other hand, is comprised of two 0.008" pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a solid PE core. It is a flat panel material that is suitable for cold mounting graphics and printing. It’s also suited for routing and can be roll-formed to create sweeping curves.

Piedmont Plastics stocks AluPOLY(R), another outstanding ACM material, in a range of gauges and aluminum skin thicknesses.Its protective film ensures a quality surface and superior adhesion to most inks, paints, and pressure-sensitive media.

It’s also the best material for displaying a sign that can’t be seen from the ground. It is a good choice for architectural cladding, feature walls, entryways, awnings, and more. It’s a versatile and eye-catching material that will retain its sheen over time. It’s also durable and can ward off UV damage. It can be painted in any color to match the building’s theme, and it is easily cleaned.


ACM is a lightweight and durable material, perfect for visual merchandising, signage, framing, archiving, and other indoor and outdoor applications. It is made of a three-layer sandwich with two pre-painted aluminum sheets glued to a solid polyethylene core to keep its shape and give it strength.

ACM panels are easy to bend, cut, glue, and mount using common tools. Their superior dimensional stability allows for the fabrication of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them the ideal material for commercial, industrial, and architectural signage applications.

The most cost-effective alternative to metal sheets, ACM panels are a great choice for designers and engineers seeking to substitute aluminum or wood in their projects without sacrificing aesthetics. They are also perfect for point-of-purchase (POP) displays, exhibits, kiosks, and structural signage and cladding inside and outside.

At Piedmont Plastics, we offer a variety of ACM panels in various thicknesses and finishes, including the 0.012-in. DIBOND(r): This aluminum composite material has a surprisingly thick surface for our flat-panel ACM standard.15mm skin paired with a 0.005-in core makes it suitable for cold mounting graphics, repositioning vinyl, and both digital and screen printing.

ACM panels also come in a variety of colors and surface finishes, so you can find the best one for your application. Check out our interactive properties table to sort, compare, and find the ACM suited for your application. Our ACM specialists are happy to assist you in your quest for the most cost-effective and eye-catching product on the market. The choice of material for your project can mean the difference between success and failure. 

4.Easy to fabricate

When it comes to fabrication, ACM is among the easiest to work with. It exhibits excellent dimensional stability and bonding, making it ideal for signage, display applications, and construction projects alike. It is also easy to cut, route, fabricate, and mount with everyday tools.

ACM is available in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors to meet your needs. ACM materials available from Piedmont Plastics include DIBOND(r) aluminum, e-panel(tm), and AluPOLY(r).

DIBOND(r) is an industry standard composed of two pre-painted sheets of 0.012" aluminum sandwiched between two solid polyethylene cores.It weighs approximately one-half the weight of a solid aluminum sheet and provides proven durability for outdoor applications like signage. It won't bow or experience "oil can" wrinkling and can be routed and returned to add dimension or roll-formed to deliver sweeping curves.

DIBOND(r) is not only long-lasting, but also attractive.Its surface is smooth and can be coated or painted to match any color or pattern. It's a popular material for interior and exterior signage, architectural cladding, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, and other commercial applications.

ACM panels are a great alternative to aluminum sheets and wood for designers and engineers looking for an attractive, lightweight material to use in their designs. ACM is often used instead of aluminum sheets or wood in interior and exterior signs, structural signs, architectural cladding, point-of-purchase displays, exhibits, and kiosks.

Moreover, ACM is highly modifiable, allowing it to be transformed through various processes such as punching, roller bending, CNC stamping and engraving, 3D shaping, and more. This ability to be altered makes it perfect for adventurous designs that call for a more flexible and versatile product.

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